Literary Quote Trivia




Happy Friday Everyone !

Last week’s quote:  “When the tide of night rises again,

Bat will wake and plunge

into the blackness, shouting.

  Bat loves the night.”

came from Bats Loves The Night by Nicola Davies. She is an

author that writes many books  on animals. If you are looking for materials to introduce your kids to different  types of animals, she is the author to start with.

Here is this week’s literary quote:

His life was a book of his own writing, one orderly page after another. He would open it every morning and write of his joys and sorrows, of all that he knew and everything he hoped for.”

Can you guess which book this quote comes from? Until next week!


National Poetry Month Selection: “The Lichen We”

Hello Everyone !

Here is a poem from Ubiquitous by Joyce Sidman, a volume that highlights “Nature’s Survivors”. Enjoy!

The Lichen We

(after Siegfried Sassoon’s “Man and Dog”)

Who’s this—alone with stone and sea?

It’s just the lowly Lichen We:

the alga I, the fungus me;

together, blooming quietly.

What do we share–we two together?

A brave indifference to the weather.

A slow but steady growing pace.

Resemblance to both mud and lace.

As we now, so we shall be

(if air clear and water free):

the proud but lowly Lichen We,

cemented for eternity.


National Poetry Month Selection: “The Genie In The Flask”

Today’s poetry selection is “The Genie In The Flask”, from Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein in which we see a genie in a different light. Enjoy!

The Genie In The Flask

I opened up that magic flask,

And zoof, up popped a genie.

I thought he’d be my slave, but no–

This genie is a meanie.

instead of filling every wish

And doing all my bidding,

He says that I must be his slave,

And oh, He isn’t kidding.

I sweat and cough with no days off

From Tuesdays until Mondays.

I cook his beans and scrub his back

And wash his yucky undies

And sweep and paint–this surely ain’t

The magic I was hopin’.

I guess in life it all depends

Which magic flask you open.


National Poetry Month Selection: “Comets, Stars, The Moon, and Mars”


Today’s poetry selection comes from Comets, Stars, The Moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian. If you work with kids, one of the most popular subjects besides dinosaurs is space. There is something about the stars, and the universe that attracts our youngsters. In this volume, Florian takes on the subject of space through poetry. Enjoy !

The Universe

The universe is every place,

Including all the e m p t y space.

It’s every star and galaxy,

All objects of astronomy,

Geography, zoology,

(Each cat and dog and bumblebee),

All persons throughout history–

Including you,

Including me.


Literary Quote Trivia

Hello All!

Every friday I will post a quote from a children’s book (fiction and non-fiction; comtemporary and classic) and you will have until the following friday to figure it out. Hope you enjoy!

“When the tide of night rises again,

Bat will wake and plunge

into the blackness, shouting.

Bat loves the night.”

Can you guess which book this line comes from? Till next week….


National Poetry Month: “The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders” by Jack Prelutsky

I am a Jack Prelutsky fan. His poems are humorous and well written. The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders does not disappoint. Here is a poem from this collection that I enjoyed.

The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders

The frogs wore red suspenders

and the pigs wore purple vests,

as they sang to all the chickens

and the ducks upon their nests.

They croaked and oinked a serenade,

the ducks and chickens sighed,

then laid enormous spangled eggs,

and quaked and clucked with pride.

Happy National Poetry Month !

Picture Books

Review Of: “Building Our Home” by Jonathan Bean

  In Building Our House by Jonathan Bean the reader is told a story of how  the author’s family leaves the city and moves to the country to build a home from scratch.We are guided through this journey through the eyes of Jonathan Bean’s older sister. The family dynamic in this story is awesome. From the beginning both the mother and father contribute to the construction of their home. The father carries the tools, “The right tools for the right job”,  and the  mother carries the plans, ” A good plan for a good house”.  In several  pages there is team work between the  wife and the husband; when rocks are collected  the wife is carrying it  and the husband is placing another in a wheel barrel. The Illustrations are big and conveys the various tranformations  that occur pretty well. Specially, the tree that is barren in the beginning when we see the family driving away from the city, to the leaves being green and then copper; the rising of the house from foundation to wooden frames and the wife and kitten having babies.  The only caveat I have with this picture book  is with the narration. The work felt like a report rather than a story. The language was too choppy and did not flow like a continuous tale. Thus, making the story feel like a marathon of events, instead of  an engaging  personal account of a memorable experience.


National Poetry Month

Hello Everyone!

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate I will share a poem that I have used in bookmarks for the library everytime the seasons change. It is from Seasons by Charlotte Zolotow and Illustrated by Erik Blegvad. Zolotow starts with Winter and ends with Fall. The poems are simple, and poignant. The book of poems are a great tool to introduce children to the concept of seasons and poetry. Blegvad’s illustrations brings to life the emotions and thoughts written in each poem. Enjoy!

The Little Seed

The little seed

that blew here

and tucked into our grass

is not the seed anymore

it’s become