National Poetry Month Selection: “The Genie In The Flask”

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In the folktale of Aladdin we see a young boy who finds a lamp and has his wishes granted. This is the perception of a genie that we all have, a being that on command will perform any task that we require of it.  Today’s poem  selection “The Genie In The Flask”, from Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein we see a genie in a different light. Enjoy!

 The Genie In The Flask

I opened up that magic flask,

And zoof, up popped a genie.

I thought he’d be my slave, but no–

This genie is a meanie.

instead of filling every wish

And doing all my bidding,

He says that I must be his slave,

And oh, He isn’t kidding.

I sweat and cough with no days off

From Tuesdays until Mondays.

I cook his beans and scrub his back

And wash his yucky undies

And sweep and paint–this surely ain’t

The magic I was hopin’.

I guess in life it all depends

Which magic flask you open.


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