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Happy Friday Everyone

Last weeks quote :

“Hewitt, standing in all his splendor and glory, seemed tall compared to his former self. Now his parents understood. Hewitt did indeed know how to live among the gigantic things. And because he was small, Hewitt was just as he should be. For his parents realized that bug or small, either is best of all!”

was from Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life by Jerdine Nolen and Illustrated by kadir Nelson. It is a mix of Thumbelina and Jack and The Bean Stock. It is a great  read that is a tad bit too long to read aloud to a group, but it is a ideal one-on-one read. Please check it out at your nearest library.

Here is the next quote:

“What doesn’t Tanya want to do?

Sometimes she doesn’t want to go shopping.

Or she doesn’t want to go home.

Or she doesn’t want to wear her warm winter boots

because her sandals are much prettier”

Can you guess which picture book this comes from?


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