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Literary Quote Trivia

The Last Trivia quote:

“What doesn’t Tanya want to do?

Sometimes she doesn’t want to go shopping.

Or she doesn’t want to go home.

Or she doesn’t want to wear her warm winter boots

because her sandals are much prettier”

came from I Won’t Comb My Hair! by Annette Langen and illustrated by Frauke Bahr. This is a great book to share with a youngster that does not like combing their hair. Stop! Wait! That is my little 9 month old at home. If I even look at her hair funny she starts crying. The main character Tanya refuses to comb her hair and as a result strange things begin to inhabit in her hair and make her life a bit complicated. Please check it out at your nearest library!.

Here is the next Literary quote:

” This Little chick from over the way went  to play with the pigs one day.

And what do you think they heard him say?”

Please share you thoughts!


Poetry Wednesday: “I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus” by Jack Prelutsky

I love  Jack Prelutsky. He has a great sense of humor and a master at playing with words. Here is a selection from I’ve Lost My Hippotamus  which is also the title of the poem I am sharing today. Please check out this collection and Jack Prelutsky at your nearest library!

I’ve lost my hippotamus,

The situation’s werid.

JacketOne minute she was next to me,

Then poof! she disappeared.

It’s hard to lose a hippo,

For a hipp’s truly huge–

I’m sensing something fishy,

Some unsavory subterfuge.

I’ve searched and searched with no sucess,

I’ve yet to find a clue

To her status or location,

I’m unsure of what to do.

If you spot a hippopotamus

Where usually there’s none,

Please let me know, the odds are good

You’ve found my missing one.