New Fiction Must Reads

Hello Everyone!

May is almist over and June is upon us. This means the year is half way through!

I have read a great deal of Middle Grade fiction and here is a list of the ones I have enjoyed.

Please check out these titles and others at your local library.

Happy Reading ūüôā

A child eating monster’s adventure and transformation.

A coming of age story in which a girl learns through lost about the people around.

A night guardian, last of his kind, protects his home from an age old foe.

A young girl must clear her grandmother’s name by solving an important mystery.

A well written ghost story meant to chill your bones and elevate your mind.

In this sequel Roz must fight to return to the wild.

A historical fiction told from a unique perspective.

A cast of seven unusual children must rush to save their new home from those who wish to take it from them.

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Where Will You Go This Summer?

Summer is a time  of  seeing new places, new people and finding out new things about oneself. Here are some more middle grade summer tales.  Please check out these titles and others at your local library. Happy Summer Reading!!!


Lies told during a game of truth-or-dare brings trouble to a girl when she returns home at  the  end of summer.

A drama filled summer that does not go according to plan. A sequel to My life in pink & green.

Two girls become friends through  their love of dogs, but the prejudices surrounding them threatens their friendship.

A young boy inherits an apartment that is like a video game and must solve puzzles to get the treasure at the end.

Old enemies must put their differences and work together to publish a newspaper.

Set in the 1930’s a young girl has to spend the summer with her eccentric grandmother, but learns to understand and admire her grandmother.

A young girl visits her grandmother in the south and realizes that she is the only relative that has inherited the family magical legacy.

An emotional summer in which two siblings have to deal with the possibility of moving and a  visit from their country singer mother.

The saga of the Fitzgerald-Trouts continued  with this installment having them saved their island from their father Johnny trout.



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Where Will You Go This Summer?

Summer is a time to travel. Many take trains, buses, boats and airplanes to get to their destinations.  One simple mood of transport is through books. Jump in to these middle grade  summer reads and let them take you where they will. Happy Summer Reading!!!




A boy sent to music camp encounters a bully.

A young girl finds out her mother has cancer and discovers many lessons in the journey to helping her.

A widowed father and his four daughters has an adventured filled summer.

A girl from the Bronx has an island  adventure filled with mystery.

A twelve-year-old girl spends her summer in New Mexico and learns new things about herself.

A girl at summer camp invents a prankster sibling to gain popularity and her neglected best-friend reveals the truth.

A summer with grandmother turns out to be a lot more exciting than one expects.

A young  girl deals with  grief while spending her summer at a Shakespearean theater festival.