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Picture Books-Summer

Summer is here!!!

Check out these titles at your local library.


Gretchen Over The Beach by A.W. Alley

Splash, Anna Hibicus! by Atinuke & Lauren Tobia

Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee

Duck & Goose Go To The Beach by Tad Hills

Water In The Park: A Book About Water &The Times of The Day by Stephanie Graegen

Out of The Blue by Alison Jay

Mouse First Summer by Lauren Thompson

Carl’s Summer by  Alexandra Day




Picture Books

Picture Books—Dads

Here are some children’s books featuring dads.

Check out these titles at your local library.




Advisory Lists · Picture Books

Picture Books—Whales

Here are some picture books featuring whales. Please check out these titles and others at your local library.

Happy reading!!!



Advisory Lists · Picture Books

Picture Books—Lost & Bereavement

books about lost 2Books about lost

Check out these titles and others at your local library!!!

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Literary Quote Trivia

The Last Trivia quote:

“What doesn’t Tanya want to do?

Sometimes she doesn’t want to go shopping.

Or she doesn’t want to go home.

Or she doesn’t want to wear her warm winter boots

because her sandals are much prettier”

came from I Won’t Comb My Hair! by Annette Langen and illustrated by Frauke Bahr. This is a great book to share with a youngster that does not like combing their hair. Stop! Wait! That is my little 9 month old at home. If I even look at her hair funny she starts crying. The main character Tanya refuses to comb her hair and as a result strange things begin to inhabit in her hair and make her life a bit complicated. Please check it out at your nearest library!.

Here is the next Literary quote:

” This Little chick from over the way went  to play with the pigs one day.

And what do you think they heard him say?”

Please share you thoughts!

Picture Books · trivia

Literary Quote Trivia

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Last week’s quote :

Cats here, cats there,

Cats and kittens everywhere,

Hundreds of cats,

Thousands of cats,

Millions and billions and trillions of cats.”

came from Millions of Cats by Wanda Gg.  I loved this books as a kid and I love hearing my sister read it aloud to me. please check it out at  the nearest library.

This week’s  quote is :

“Hewitt, standing in all his splendor and glory, seemed tall compared to his former self. Now his parents understood. Hewitt did indeed know how to live among the gigantic things. And because he was small, Hewitt was just as he should be. For his parents realized that bug or small, either is best of all!”

Can you guess which children’s book this phrase comes from? Until next week!

Picture Books

Review Of: “Building Our Home” by Jonathan Bean

  In Building Our House by Jonathan Bean the reader is told a story of how  the author’s family leaves the city and moves to the country to build a home from scratch.We are guided through this journey through the eyes of Jonathan Bean’s older sister. The family dynamic in this story is awesome. From the beginning both the mother and father contribute to the construction of their home. The father carries the tools, “The right tools for the right job”,  and the  mother carries the plans, ” A good plan for a good house”.  In several  pages there is team work between the  wife and the husband; when rocks are collected  the wife is carrying it  and the husband is placing another in a wheel barrel. The Illustrations are big and conveys the various tranformations  that occur pretty well. Specially, the tree that is barren in the beginning when we see the family driving away from the city, to the leaves being green and then copper; the rising of the house from foundation to wooden frames and the wife and kitten having babies.  The only caveat I have with this picture book  is with the narration. The work felt like a report rather than a story. The language was too choppy and did not flow like a continuous tale. Thus, making the story feel like a marathon of events, instead of  an engaging  personal account of a memorable experience.