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(Image source: Gale, Cengage Learning.)

Maurice Bernard  Sendak

10 June 19288 May 2012

Artist and creator of childrens books




The list above is not complete the works mention are works that he is both the writer and illustrated. If you are interested in  more of his woks please visit your local library.


Here is a  recently published picture book that reminds me of  Where The Wild Things Are. Please check it out at your local library.


Kings of the Castle by Victoria Turnbull

Picture Books

Picture Books—Dads

Here are some children’s books featuring dads.

Check out these titles at your local library.




Advisory Lists · Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction Works by Jim Arnosky


Jim Arnosky is an Artist, Naturalist and Author. He writes amazing non-fiction books on the natural world for children and his illustrations are breath taking. Here are some titles please check them out at your local library. All these non-fiction titles are good for grades 1-5. Happy Reading!!!

Advisory Lists · Poetry

Poetry About Nature

The earth contains many things. The Collections below are poems about the different nuances of the earth. Happy Reading!!!


Advisory Lists · Picture Books

Picture Books—Whales

Here are some picture books featuring whales. Please check out these titles and others at your local library.

Happy reading!!!


Advisory Lists · Picture Books

Picture Books—Lost & Bereavement


Check out these titles and others at your local library!!!

Picture Books · trivia

Literary Quote Trivia

The Last Trivia quote:

“What doesn’t Tanya want to do?

Sometimes she doesn’t want to go shopping.

Or she doesn’t want to go home.

Or she doesn’t want to wear her warm winter boots

because her sandals are much prettier”

came from I Won’t Comb My Hair! by Annette Langen and illustrated by Frauke Bahr. This is a great book to share with a youngster that does not like combing their hair. Stop! Wait! That is my little 9 month old at home. If I even look at her hair funny she starts crying. The main character Tanya refuses to comb her hair and as a result strange things begin to inhabit in her hair and make her life a bit complicated. Please check it out at your nearest library!.

Here is the next Literary quote:

” This Little chick from over the way went  to play with the pigs one day.

And what do you think they heard him say?”

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